1: Life on the limit

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Narrated by Michael Fassbender, 1: Life on the Limit is an action documentary that evokes the glamour, speed, danger and excitement of the golden age of Formula 1. In an era when the sport was terrifyingly dangerous, the drivers were revered as rock stars with charisma and raw talent, however many of them paid the ultimate price. Those who survived racing at this time became leaders, standing up to save lives in a sport that was stealing them at a tragic rate. 

This is a film which will be essential viewing for any fan of Grand Prix racing. It focuses upon the dangers of the sport, the quest to improve safety and upon some of the key moments which brought about those changes.

The film is made from an amazing array of archive footage sourced from official broadcasts as well as hand-held 'Super 8' clips and is narrated by actor Michael Fassbender. Some of the footage shocks - like the announcement and reaction to Jim Clark's death at Hockenheim - whilst David Purley's frantic (and vain) attempt to save Roger Williamson is almost impossible to watch - especially as so many other drivers carry-on past the scene of the accident whilst Purley becomes more and more exasperated with the lack of proper equipment and apparent ambivalence of others.

There are a vast amount of interviews with key figures - many of those who speak are true legends - for example Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi and Jackie Stewart. It is notable that these three were all most prominent in the 1970's - this is the era with which the film mainly deals. The 80's are passed-over very quickly - but then the aim of the film does not seek to tell the definitive story of Grand Prix Racing - that would take many films - but to look at the defining moments which brought about improvements in driver and crowd safety. Sadly, in 1994 there were two deaths in one weekend, which also features heavily in the story. There is some more recent footage showing some escapes which would have been impossible 30 years ago. The film is bookended by Martin Brundle's huge accident in Australia, 1996 and we see him - full of adrenaline, with just one purpose - seeking Doctor Sid Watkins' permission to re-start in the spare car...

Highlights include Senna's pole lap from onboard the McLaren in 1988 where you can almost see the nervous energy and 'rage to win' (as it was once described) in the body language of the car - and a short interview with Jim Clark. Bonus footage is fairly limited - the film trailer and an interesting 20 minute interview with the film director.

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