Nieuwe aankondiging BBR Models schaal 1/18

BBR Models heeft in de schaal 1/18 een nieuw Ferrari model aangekondigd: De Ferrari 340 Spyder Vignale IV Carrera Panamericana uit 1953.

The Carrera Panamericana was born from an initiative of the Mexican Government , at the request of some local importers of U.S. cars , to celebrate the conclusion of the work of the Mexican section of the Panamerican Highway .

The route chosen was largely made ​​up of the PanAmericana ruta from which it takes its name from the race.

Various were the Ferrari who participated in this grueling race , full of accidents.

A meeting, a friendship , a race.

In 1953 Alfonso De Portago met the Ferrari US importer, Luigi Chinetti, and after a few months the two friends flew along this red fireball in the IV Carrera Panamericana 1953.

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