De orginele Senna cap

Eind deze week verwachten we de orginele replica van de Senna cap hier te ontvangen.
A replica of the original Nacional Cap which Ayrton Senna has worn during his career. The Cap was handmade with the same tools as in the past in Brazil.

All of you know the famous Nacional Cap which Ayrton Senna was wearing during his career. The Cap has also been one of the first products in this shop. It was the highest priority for us to bring the Cap to Ayrton Senna fans again. We gave the cap a contemporary fitting and improved the lettering and the logo with a 3d stitch technique. We also added a second version with a flat brim. The most of you know these Caps already!

In addition to the existing Caps, we always wanted to offer the original Cap which Ayrton has worn in the early 90s. But it wasn’t an option to produce something similar anywhere, we wanted to reproduce the Cap as authentic as possible. We contacted the Manufacturer of the historic Cap in Brazil and he confirmed us that it’s possible to reproduce the Cap from the early 90’s.

The result was quite Amazing, it felt like a trip back in time. It does not just look the same as the original one, it was even handmade using the same tools. Material, cut & appearance are exactly the same as in the past!

De orginele Senna cap De orginele Senna cap Reviewed by GPworld on november 16, 2016 Rating: 5
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